Concrete Sealing Service

Whether your project is commercial or residential, proper concrete sealing is essential to ensure long-lasting quality and aesthetic value.


Without being effectively sealed, your concrete is vulnerable to:

  • Cracking during spring thaw (especially with our Calgary winters)
  • Discolouration and/or colour degradation
  • Fluid stains such as oil and antifreeze (mainly applicable to driveways)
  • General cracking, chipping and flaking
  • Safety hazards such as slippery surfaces

 If not handled effectively, these issues will ultimately shorten the life of your concrete.At Oriental Concrete, our professional team will pressure wash your concrete area to clean the surface of any stains, and then seal the concrete with the best sealant solution for your property. Our sealants are all waterproof and will enhance the colour of your concrete.Sealants are available in both a wet look semi-gloss finish which will deepen the colour of your surface and leave a subdued shine, or a wet look high-gloss finish, designed for a high impact, eye-catching shine.Once your sealant has been applied, it’s dry and ready to use within an hour, and in the case of driveways, can be driven on within four hours. It’s fast, it’s safe, and it’s the most effective way of ensuring the long-term protection and durability of your beautiful concrete surfaces. 

For more information on our concrete sealing services, contact us today!